set number on vim

configuring linux on text mode is fun. the power to modify and customize is just too sexy for me. the moment I can understand how this and that works always amuse me. ( I really want to make devil faces, and devil’s laugh for writing that first line . . MUHAHAHAAHAAAA!!!))
just skip it, I’m also a newbies actually . . .

vim is always my favorites text editor. it’s easy to understand, and really keyboard friendly ( vi is just too old for me..)
but when editing a *.conf file using vim sometimes it pain in the ass ( for dummies who don’t know . . another devil’s laugh MUHAHAHAAA!!!!) skip it again, just joking.
the classic problem for (us) newbies when facing problem with text editor is. the error we made always point to a line like this

[root@RABBIT ~]# multipath
mulipath.conf line 98, invalid keyword: {

a good tips for this is, set the number on vim
go to : and write :set number

: set number
: set nu

it gives lines number on every lines.
helped much when you don’t know what you’re doing on the *.conf file.

addtionally you can jump to certain line numbers like this :

vim +300 initlib.c

it will jump to line 300 on file initlib.c

yea it helps when you have to adjust the sources.

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