the vow today part I

Dream, Hope and Idealism keep bugging and begging,
bugging what if I took the path, and Begging not to make them wither…
every single day, every time my mind wander, they keep saying
“what if I took??”
“what if I brave enough to take”
“could you brace it”
“what a wonderful creation I’ll Do”
“I play with passion ??”
it burns passion within..
and then… my mind back to body, to reality. Drag me to focus what I do and will do now.
15 inch glare screen, alone, coffee, smokes..

23:12 January 2012 via 15 inch glare screen, alone with coffee and smokes. and I swear I will not DIE nor WITHER before end.
I’ll realize the creation before end . . . .

# also a hint note my friend, good luck . . .

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